About Us

Working Together

Wabun Tribal Council serves 6 First Nations:

Brunswick House FN, Chapleau Ojibwe FN, Flying Post FN, Matachewan FN, Mattagami FN and Beaverhouse FN.


Wabun Tribal Council is a non-profit community-driven organization that is committed to providing quality services for its member First Nations through innovative and culturally appropriate programming.

Wabun receives direction from and is accountable to its Board of Directors, made up of the Chiefs of each of the member First Nations. All senior personnel report to the Executive Director, who oversees the operation of the Tribal Council.

While Wabun is headquartered at Mattagami First Nation, its operational office is centrally located in Timmins.

What We Do:

Member First Nations provide direction to Wabun so that it can represent the Nations with regional planning, public relations, political advocacy, and policy development. The primary role of Wabun is to organize and facilitate the delivery of health, education, governance, economic and resource development services.


Where we came from

Wabun Tribal Council was incorporated October 1989 and began operations in April 1990 in Timmins.  Wabun was formed as a result of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) devolution policy to coordinate and deliver services devolved from INAC to First Nation communities at the local level.  Wabun purchased a large office building at 313 Railway Street to headquarter its operations in November 1998, and did so through sound financial management without relying on government subsidies.


All In A Name

Wabun means sunrise in Ojibwe, and is meant to reflect a new day, a new start, or a fresh beginning. The sunrise is a part of the day that is significant to First Nation people. Building on the symbolism of its name, Wabun’s objectives include the promotion of self-reliance, promoting members’ health, education, social and economic development needs and the enhancement of the unique cultures, traditions and languages of its members.


How We Operate

Wabun Tribal Council is incorporated under the province of Ontario Business Corporation Act, as a non-share capital corporation (non-profit) and administers funds and performs services as contracted with various funding bodies, including Indian & Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC), Health Canada – First Nations & Inuit Health Branch, the Provincial Ministry of Health and others.


Mission Statement

Wabun Tribal Council is a dynamic community driven organization that is committed to providing quality services to its First Nation membership through innovative, culturally appropriate programming.

Board of Directors

Chief Renae Vanbuskirk, Brunswick House First Nation
Chief Anita Stephens, Chapleau Ojibwe First Nation
Chief Murray Ray, Flying Post First Nation
Chief Jason Batisse, Matachewan First Nation
Chief Chad Boissoneau, Mattagami First Nation
Chief Wayne Wabie, Beaverhouse First Nation